How to get the Best Drying Results From Your Dishwasher


Bosch Dish

Our friends at Bosch sent out this great bit on how to get the best drying results from your Bosch dishwasher. If you follow these instructions and still have an issue with your dishwasher you can contact our service department by clicking this link for the numbers and locations.

Rinse Aid

To achieve proper drying, always use a liquid rinse aid, even if your detergent contains a rinse aid or drying additive.

Note: The dishwasher indicates low rinse aid by turning on the “Add Rinse Aid” indicator light. If this light is on, you need to refill the rinse aid dispenser by following the directions below.

Adding Rinse Aid

1- Add liquid rinse aid to the dispenser until it is full.

2 – Close the lid. Lid must be fully closed until it clicks in order to seal.

3 – Wipe up any excess rinse aid that may have puddled when the dispenser reservoir is full. The indicator light will go out a few moments after the dishwasher door is shut.

Setting the amount of rinse aid used

The amount of rinse aid dispensed can be set from “r:00” to “r:06”.

1 Press the [On/Off] button.

2 Hold down the “A” button (This will be the “Auto” button or “Normal” button depending on your model. See your Use & Care manual) and press [Start] until the display indicates “d:00”. Release both buttons.

3 Press the “A” button until the display shows “r:05”.

4 Press the “C” button to select the desired setting.

“r:00” = dispenser is OFF “r:04” = medium/high setting

“r:01” = lowest setting “r:05” = high setting

“r:02” = low setting “r:06” = highest setting

“r:03” = medium setting

5 Press [Start] to save the setting.

Note: Using rinse aid and setting the dispenser to “r:00” may result in longer cycle times.

Intensive Drying

The final rinse uses a higher temperature which improves the drying results. The running time may increase slightly.

To turn intensive drying on:

1 Press the [On/Off] button.

2 Hold down the “A” button (This will be the “Auto” button or “Normal” button depending on your model. See your Use & Care manual) and press [Start] until the display indicates “d:00”. Release both buttons

3 Press the “A” button until the display shows “d:00”.

4 Press the “C” button to turn intensive drying on or off. “d:01” = ON and “d:00” = OFF and press [Start] to save setting.


Used in combination with a wash cycle (except Rinse), the Extra Shine option raises the temperature and extends the drying time to further enhance drying results and provide a brilliant shine.


The Sanitize feature is available only in the Heavy, Auto and Normal cycles. Select one of these cycles, press the “Sanitize Option” button and then press Start to activate the Sanitation features. The sanitize LED will light when sanitation requirements are met. The technical sanitation measures may also improve the drying results.

Note: The dishwasher automatically defaults to Auto Wash when turned off and back on. If you used the sanitize option in your last cycle, the dishwasher will default to Auto Wash with the Sanitize option selected when you turn it on.

Loading the Top Rack

Ensure items do not protrude through the bottom of the racks and block the spray arms.

Note: When pushing the top rack into the dishwasher, push it until it stops against the back of the tub so the top rack spray arm connects to the water supply at the back of the tub. Do not push racks in using the door.

Loading the Bottom Rack

Place large items in the bottom rack. Load pots, pans and bowls upside down. Do not block vent with tall baking sheets. Load these items on the left side of the dishwasher.

Unloading the Dishwasher

When unloading the dishwasher it is best to unload the bottom rack first. Next, unload the silverware basket followed by the top rack.


How to Prevent Bad Tasting Ice Cubes



Did you notice bad tasting ice cubes over the holidays? Did a friend, neighbor or relative mention your ice didn’t taste right?

Our service department gets phone calls weekly from customers complaining about bad tasting ice and water, but this is rarely a service issue.

Water filters need to be replaced every six months depending on usage and the cleanliness of your water supply. The more water and ice you use, and the harder your water, the more often you need to change the filter.

Water filters should be changed at least every six months so we recommend having a spare filter on hand at all times.

The icemaker water supply goes through the refrigerator before entering the freezer so food spills, unsealed food, and bacteria growth in the refrigerator can cause bad tasting ice as well. The best way to handle these situations is to regularly and thoroughly clean your refrigerator with a baking soda and water mixture. Do not use bleach or ammonia inside a refrigerator. Your owner’s manual will also have manufacturer’s recommended cleaning practices in the use and care section.

If you’ve completed these recommendations and still have bad tasting ice, please call our service department at 757-437-1100 for more recommendations or a service appointment.

The Reasons some Appliance Dealers Want to Keep Scratch and Dent Appliances a Secret

Scratch and dent appliances have been, as their name suggests, damaged to a minor extent while in storage at the warehouse, being shipped, or on display on the floor of a showroom. Damage to these appliances is cosmetic in nature, meaning that their functionality has not been impaired by any measure and they will run with the same efficiency as the same models that are fresh out of the box.

For consumers, scratch and dent appliances offer a long list of advantages, which is why many appliance dealers would prefer to keep this category a secret. These advantages include:

* Aggressive discounts from full retail prices – For many consumers, a scratch or dent is a deal breaker and retail appliance sellers know that they can’t sell even slightly flawed products at the same prices as those in pristine condition. Savvy shoppers, on the other hand, can buy these appliances at prices that are less than half the price of the same models at full retail.
* You might be able to negotiate an even lower price – As opposed to the regularly priced appliances on the showroom floor, you may be able to negotiate a deeper discount under circumstances that include flaws on the front of the appliance, an item that has been in stock for an extended period, or if the dealer is trying to clear space for newer models.
* The discounts on scratch and dent appliances often don’t preclude warranties – While the perception may be that a flawed appliance would not come with a warranty, scratch and dent pieces can be covered by the same warranty protection as the unblemished models.
* You may not even know it’s a scratch and dent piece once it has been installed – The scratch and dent moniker refers to a blemish on any surface of the appliance, meaning that a flaw on any surface besides the front or the top may be covered up, depending on how the piece is installed.
* Scratches and dents can happen to the best and newest models available – You can add even more value to your scratch and dent appliance purchase with blemished products from name brands.

The discounts available on scratch and dent appliances can either enable the purchase of models that might not otherwise fit into a family’s budget or make the purchase of a second appliance possible. In fact, with discounts of over 50%, it’s almost like having your own “Buy one, get one free” sale every day of the week.

Considerations for Prosumers before Going Appliance Shopping

The term “prosumer” is applied to a growing group of consumers who have reached a level of skill, sophistication or wherewithal that bridges the knowledge gap between professionals in a specific field and the consumers that buy non-commercial products related to that area of interest. While prosumers typically purchase non-commercial products as well, their purchases generally gravitate toward high end products that are similar to those used by professionals.

One of the fastest growing sets of prosumers is in the field of cooking, an area that gets regular exposure on television through chef competitions, etc. If you consider yourself a cooking prosumer, here are a few factors to consider before going appliance shopping for your kitchen:

* How your kitchen will be configured – Professionally styled appliances take up considerably more linear space than standard versions. As a rule of thumb, you should expect pro-style appliances to require about twice as much linear space than their standard counterparts. You should also factor in the possibility that larger sized appliances will influence cabinetry and storage configurations as well.

* The weight of pro-style appliances – Increased appliance size translates to heavier weight, which may require additional structural support. Manufacturers are constantly seeking to decrease the weight of these pieces and an increasing number of them do not require the support of custom built cement bases. Still, prosumers should find out whether the intended flooring locations can support the new appliances before it’s too late.

* Ventilation – Professionally styled ranges and cooktops require 8 to 10 times the amount of ventilation as standard versions to remove the increased heat. Anything less than that and the home runs the risk of being overtaken by high temperatures, smoke or steam/vapors. Another issue is that the added ventilation sucks so much air out of the house that it causes other risks. These situations can be avoided by installing a unit that equalizes the air pressure between the outside and inside of the home. One way to avoid the ventilation and air pressure issues is to go with an induction-style cooktop, which uses electromagnetic technology to heat the cookware. These burners offer high efficiency and energy savings but are priced at the highest end of prosumer-related kitchen appliances.

* Additional options – Any new item or feature that gets shown on the variety of cooking shows has the possibility of becoming the next hot thing. One feature that has had some staying power is the placement of a faucet in the wall above the cooktop that allows for pots to be filled in place, saving the cook/chef the work of carrying a big pot full of water across the kitchen. The extra faucet also eliminates the need to clear the sink before filling the pot.

Taking these factors into consideration before purchasing your appliances can help to set your budget and determine the best path toward getting your pro-style kitchen set up for form and function in the most efficient manner possible. With your kitchen set up to your specifications, you’ll be ready to work like a pro.

Convenience, Energy and Time Savings with Whirlpool Duet Washers and Dryers

Whirlpool Duet Washers and Dryers are built with so many features that the only thing missing may be a technology that moves wash loads from the washer to the dryer. Even there, the Duet Washer is engineered with a new feature called “Dynamic Venting Technology”, which runs fans and tumbles clothes for up to 12 hours once the wash cycle is completed. While it doesn’t automatically put the wash load in the dryer, this technology can dry a small wash load without ever moving it to the dryer.

Additional features of the Duet Washer include:

Precision Dispense Ultra – One of the new features of Whirlpool Duet Washers, this technology assesses the size of the load being washed and allocates the appropriate amounts of detergent, bleach, softeners, etc. On average, this feature saves 10% on wash-related additives while reducing wear on fabrics by not over-using cleaning solutions. Depending on average wash load sizes, the dispenser can hold enough detergent for 12 to 36 wash cycles.
NSF certification for removing allergens and bacteria – Duet Washers are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for running at temperatures that eliminate allergens and bacteria for the cleanest wash loads possible.
Eco Boost – Eco Boost technology regulates water temperatures to optimize washing efficiency while saving energy.

Whirlpool Duet Dryers have their share of features that deliver convenience and savings as well.
These features include:

Advanced Moisture Sensing – This new technology tracks the temperature and dampness/dryness of the load in the dryer and stops the cycle when the desired level of dryness is achieved, saving drying time and energy.
Wrinkle Shield – After the completion of the dry cycle, the Wrinkle Shield feature continues to steam and tumble the load in the dryer for over an hour and a half to keep the load from getting wrinkled, eliminating the need for ironing.
Eco Boost – This feature combines higher spin speeds and lower temperatures when appropriate to dry loads more efficiently.

Constant innovation at Whirlpool results in products that are consistently in the top of their class. The new Whirlpool Duet Washers and Dryers follow in that tradition with never before seen conveniences and savings in energy usage, time and money. For more information, visit:

The Three Things Whirlpool Dealers Wish You Knew

When you’ve got something good, you want to tell people about it and Whirlpool dealers want you to know about their ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. Whether you are doing a complete refurbish or replacing a single appliance, Whirlpool has products that deliver great performance while complementing the overall design and appearance of any kitchen.

Whirlpool offers a wide variety of ranges that make cooking easy, save time, and save energy while looking great. These ovens are packed with features including:

Many of Whirlpool’s ranges offer large capacity ovens – Having an oven that doesn’t restrict the meal size means you’ll be able to create any number of different meals whether you’re cooking for two or for your extended family.
Easy convection cooking – Whirlpool takes the mystery out of convection cooking with a feature that converts regular cooking temperatures to their equivalent in convection cooking.
Fast preheating – Whirlpool puts all the heating elements in its ranges to work to preheat at 25% faster than normal ovens.

Whirlpool refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and styles to make them at home in any kitchen. Optional features include:

FreshFlow technology – This intelligent technology monitors and regulates the environment in the refrigerator to keep food fresh for 25% longer than other refrigerators.
Select models that set the standard for energy efficiency – Many of Whirlpool’s refrigerators are ENERGY STAR rated, meaning they’ll also save money on your energy bills.
Adaptive Defrost – This technology keeps frozen foods tasting great while saving 12% in energy costs.

Whirlpool dishwashers can save time by eliminating the need for pre-scrubbing pots, pans, and dishes while turning amazingly clean wash loads. Features include:

PowerScour – The PowerScour technology uses 40 jets to get rid of baked and/or dried on foods without a pre-soak or pre-scrub.
Sensor Cycle – This feature monitors the load to ensure that the right amounts of water and energy are used to get silverware, dishes and cookware clean.
Energy Savings – These are the most energy efficient dishwashers in the category.

So now you know what Whirlpool dealers want you to know about Whirlpool kitchen products. For more information, visit: