How to Save Energy with Appliances


How to Save Energy with Appliances from East Coast Appliance.

Major appliances, even when a household has installed ENERGY STAR rated products, can account for 20 to 30 percent of a household’s energy bills. In temperate climates where heating and cooling are not required on a regular basis, major appliances typically consume an even greater percentage of total energy usage.

By looking at just a few of our household appliances and changing our habits, we can reduce our energy consumption even further.

• The refrigerator – Keeping temperatures too low in the refrigerator and the freezer can result in a motor that consumes far more energy than is necessary. The optimal temperature for the refrigerator compartment is 38 degrees while the temperature level in freezer should be maintained at 4 degrees. These temperatures can maintain freshness while consuming energy efficiently.
• The dishwasher – The heated drying cycle of a dishwasher consumes energy unnecessarily, especially if there isn’t a need to pull dry dishes out of the machine at a specific time. Instead, use the air dry option which uses air blown by fans to dry the wash load.
• The washing machine – Opt for cold water washes whenever possible with your washing machine. In a hot water wash 90 percent of the energy consumed goes to heating water. Defaulting to hot cycles has become unnecessary as advancements in cold water washing detergents can now yield the same results as those of energy consuming hot water cycles. The advanced cleaning capabilities using cold water and cold water detergents now mean that hot water cycles need to only be used when greasy or oily stains need to be removed.

Each of these actions can capitalize on improved efficiencies of today’s appliances. By turning them into habits, you’ll be able to optimize your savings on a monthly basis.


The Reasons some Appliance Dealers Want to Keep Scratch and Dent Appliances a Secret

Scratch and dent appliances have been, as their name suggests, damaged to a minor extent while in storage at the warehouse, being shipped, or on display on the floor of a showroom. Damage to these appliances is cosmetic in nature, meaning that their functionality has not been impaired by any measure and they will run with the same efficiency as the same models that are fresh out of the box.

For consumers, scratch and dent appliances offer a long list of advantages, which is why many appliance dealers would prefer to keep this category a secret. These advantages include:

* Aggressive discounts from full retail prices – For many consumers, a scratch or dent is a deal breaker and retail appliance sellers know that they can’t sell even slightly flawed products at the same prices as those in pristine condition. Savvy shoppers, on the other hand, can buy these appliances at prices that are less than half the price of the same models at full retail.
* You might be able to negotiate an even lower price – As opposed to the regularly priced appliances on the showroom floor, you may be able to negotiate a deeper discount under circumstances that include flaws on the front of the appliance, an item that has been in stock for an extended period, or if the dealer is trying to clear space for newer models.
* The discounts on scratch and dent appliances often don’t preclude warranties – While the perception may be that a flawed appliance would not come with a warranty, scratch and dent pieces can be covered by the same warranty protection as the unblemished models.
* You may not even know it’s a scratch and dent piece once it has been installed – The scratch and dent moniker refers to a blemish on any surface of the appliance, meaning that a flaw on any surface besides the front or the top may be covered up, depending on how the piece is installed.
* Scratches and dents can happen to the best and newest models available – You can add even more value to your scratch and dent appliance purchase with blemished products from name brands.

The discounts available on scratch and dent appliances can either enable the purchase of models that might not otherwise fit into a family’s budget or make the purchase of a second appliance possible. In fact, with discounts of over 50%, it’s almost like having your own “Buy one, get one free” sale every day of the week.

East Coast Appliance and Electronics’ Witchduck Builder Store Announces Major Renovations in the Works

East Coast Appliance and Electronics is pleased to announce major renovations that are in the works for its Witchduck Builder Store. The renovation plan also includes moving the store down the street to its new address: 117 South Witchduck Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23462. The move to the new location will also nearly triple the size of the sales floor from the current 2500 square feet to 7000 square feet. The move and renovations are expected to be completed by January 1st, 2013.

Renovations at the Builder Direct store include:

• 15 vignettes featuring refrigerators, dishwashers, cooktops and wall ovens in a variety of configurations, designs and styles – Each vignette will be created with kitchen appliances from name brands including Fisher and Paykel, GE Monogram, Viking, and more.

• A Manhattan warehouse look and feel – The new design will feature the open architecture of a Manhattan warehouse with raw finishes and an industrial affect.

• An expanded inventory facilitated by the near tripling of the square footage of the sales floor.

The Builder Direct store, an offshoot from the East Coast Appliance and Electronics superstores, caters to architects, builders, and general contractors with personal service committed to providing the best solutions for any type of kitchen or electronics configuration. The services and solutions include professional deliveries of electronics and appliances, as well as flawless installation. These customized solutions and services also come with low price guarantees backed by East Coast Appliance and Electronics.

East Coast Appliance and Builder Direct can guarantee these low prices based on the company’s buying power as well as its membership in the Nationwide Marketing Group. Nationwide’s membership is comprised of over 3000 independent storeowners selling appliances, furniture, electronics and installation services with combined revenues of over $12 billion. The accumulated buying power of the members inside this group leads to low unit pricing on appliances and electronics that puts East Coast Appliance and Builder Direct in a position where those low prices can be passed on and guaranteed to its customers.

“The new Builder Direct Store will be a great extension of East Coast Appliance and Electronics’ commitment to providing the best prices, products and services”, said Rob Nicholson, president and owner of East Coast Appliance & Electronics. He added, “We are very excited about being able to offer our commercial customers continued exceptional service, an expanded inventory, and everyday low prices at our new location.”

In addition to the Builder Direct store in Virginia Beach, East Coast Appliance & Electronics operates superstores in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Newport News, Virginia. The company also offers parts and service through a separate location in Virginia Beach.
East Coast Appliance & Electronics is the largest independently owned appliance and electronics operation in Virginia, offering all the major appliance and electronics brands. For more information on the Builder Direct store, visit:

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East Coast Appliance Announces the Arrival of the New Frigidaire Top Load HE Laundry

East Coast Appliance is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Frigidaire top load HE Laundry appliances. Packed with features that deliver cleaner wash loads, extra convenience, and big energy savings, the Frigidaire High Efficiency washers arrive as a solid choice for households of all sizes. With the Top Load High Efficiency washers, Frigidaire continues to build its reputation for consistently adding innovations, upgrades, and features each time they introduce new generation of appliances.

The most recent features added to Frigidaire’s High Efficiency washers include:

  • Immersion Care – For delicates and items requiring a gentler wash cycle, Immersion Care technology eases water and detergent through clothes and offers a gentle spin cycle for a complete clean that protects the wash load.
  • WaterFall Wash Technology – This feature works in concert with Immersion Care technology to soak and distribute detergent evenly through the wash basin to ensure cleaner wash loads.
  • The Fits-More wash basin – The expanded wash basin allows for bigger wash loads to get laundry done faster.
  • Vibration controls – The new Frigidaire top load laundry appliances are equipped with vibration sensors to prevent wash loads from becoming unbalanced to provide a quiet wash cycle every time. Additionally, the SilentDesign feature runs every wash cycle on these washers with a 20% noise reduction from normal levels.
  • ENRGY STAR certification – Many of the Frigidaire High Efficiency washers are ENRGY STAR certified, with average energy savings of 33% compared to non-certified washers.

East Coast Appliance got its start in 1988 and has grown to become the largest dealer of appliances and electronics in the state of Virginia by offering highly competitive prices and legendary service to its customers. On the arrival of the new Frigidaire washing machines Rob Nicholson, president and owner of East Coast Appliance & Electronics said, “The Frigidaire line is an important part of our product mix and the new high efficiency washers are a great addition for East Coast Appliance and our customers.”

East Coast Appliance & Electronics has five locations in the state of Virginia, with 3 in Virginia Beach and one each in Chesapeake, and Newport News.

As the largest appliance and electronics dealer in the state of Virginia, East Coast Appliance & Electronics offers all the household names and major brands across all categories of appliances and electronics at every day low prices. For more information, visit

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