Laundry Made Easy with LG Front Load Washers and Dryers

Washing and drying clothes aren’t exactly at the top of anybody’s list of fun things to do, but LG front load washers and dryers make doing the laundry fast and easy with features that save time, save energy, and virtually eliminate extra laundry-related work such as ironing. In addition to savings and convenience, LG front load washers and dryers get laundry clean as gently as possible so that fabrics hold their colors and look better over time.

Features of the LG Front Load Washers include:

Cold cycle cleaning with warm water results – LG’s innovative “ColdWash” feature uses advanced washing motions that promote deep cleaning while using cold water. The result is a wash that gets cleaned as if it was done in warm water with the energy savings of a cold water wash.
The Allergiene Cycle – This new technology steams the wash load to remove allergens such as pollens, dust mites, pet dander, etc.
SpeedWash – LG’s SpeedWash option takes a small wash load and gets it sparkling clean in about 15 minutes.
Expanded wash basins – Many of the LG Front Load Washers are built with wash basins in excess of 4 cubic feet. That means bigger and fewer wash loads.
ENERGY STAR qualification – Washers that meet ENERGY STAR qualifications typically save around 25% of energy costs versus non-rated washers.

LG Front Load Dryers include the following features:

TrueSteam technology – LG has added a feature that steams loads once the drying cycle is completed to eliminate wrinkles and the need for ironing.
The SpotClean Cycle – The SpotClean Cycle uses steam to remove small stains or spots without the need for running a wash cycle.
The SteamSanitary Cycle – This cycle makes sanitizing tough to clean items a breeze by using steam technology to remove dirt, dust, allergens, etc.
A massive 9 cubic foot drying basin – This equals less drying loads and more time for other things.
ENERGY STAR qualification – LG’s front load dryers meet ENERGY STAR qualifications and, on average, can save 25% on energy costs when compared to non-rated dryers.

For more information on how LG front load washers and dryers can add convenience while saving time on your laundry loads, visit:


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