The Next Generation of Samsung LCD TVs

Samsung LCD TVs have always been known for their razor sharp picture clarity and the next generation of products from Samsung is no exception. In fact, the newest line of Samsung LCD TVs goes a step further by delivering several new features that enhance the viewing experience exponentially.

These features include:

Clear Motion Rates ranging from 60 to 120 – The Clear Motion Rate (CMR) is the tool that Samsung uses to gauge picture clarity for fast moving images such as those seen when viewing sporting events, for example. Samsung’s CMR is enhanced by innovations in the panel refresh rate, the image processor, and its backlight technology. By synchronizing these factors, resolution is sharpened, images are processed more quickly, and the blurring caused by fast moving images is dramatically reduced. In Samsung’s CMR system, scores of 60 to 120 deliver a lifelike picture quality, even while images are moving quickly on the screen.
HDMI Connections – A High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) provides a digital connection to outside high definition sources like cable/satellite providers, DVD players, video game consoles, etc. Images from these sources are then displayed in HD.
Wide Color Enhancer – This technology delivers the color experience that was intended for viewers when movies and/or shows are created.
ConnectShare JPEG – ConnectShare is an easy way to play music or view photos and videos by simply using a USB connection. The only thing to do is plug the USB device or drive directly into the Samsung LCD TV’s USB port and music, images, and video come to life on the big screen.
SRS TheatreSound HD – Lifelike picture quality is diminished without a great sound system. The SRS TheatreSound HD delivers a high quality sound experience that complements Samsung’s amazing picture quality.
Select models with ENERGY STAR ratings – Selected models of the Samsung LCD TVs come with ENERGY STAR ratings, meaning that the high quality sound and images from these televisions are delivered with cost and energy savings of approximately 25% versus non-rated TVs.

The innovations and upgrades in the next generation of Samsung LCD TVs deliver a “being there” viewing and sound experience like none other. For more information, visit:


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