Smart Interaction, Content, and Evolution with Samsung Plasma TVs

Samsung Plasma TVs, which consistently deliver incredibly clear picture quality, now allow for a fully immersive experience for users enabled by three separate platforms that take television to the next level. These platforms are:

• Smart Interaction – Smart Interaction starts with the Smart Touch Remote Control. The new Samsung remote control is engineered with a microphone and a track pad to make navigation and the control of various menus simple. The high tech remote control units use facial recognition to deliver a highly personalized experience that includes voice and gesture detection to interact with and control television functions.

• Smart ContentSamsung TVs allow for the downloading of hundreds of apps with drag and drop technology. Apps include Pandora, Netflix, Angry Birds, Facebook and hundreds more. Smart Samsung Plasma TVs are also engineered with dual core processors to enable multitasking at lightning fast speeds. Dual processors enable web browsing while using/downloading apps or watching shows. Another app recommends shows and movies based on what the owner has previously viewed. Samsung Plasma TVs also have a Signature Services option with calendar sharing, image sharing, educational games, and instructor-driven exercise routines with tracking of results to stay on schedule.

• Smart Evolution – One of the more exciting developments in television is Samsung’s Smart Evolution feature, which allows for technology updates and enhancements to be added to this year’s version of the Samsung Plasma TVs, eliminating the need for replacing a TV set for a better user experience. With the optional Smart Evolution Kit, owners can add next generation features to their existing sets, whether those updates focus on increasing processing speeds, enhanced functionality, interface improvements, increased access to content, etc.

In addition to these platforms, Samsung’s proprietary 600Hz Subfield Motion technology shoots a single image up to 600 times a second to render lifelike picture definition no matter how fast the on-screen action is taking place. Lastly, Samsung Plasma TVs exceed ENERGY STAR requirements by over 25%, meaning that you’ll be saving money whether you’re watching television, communicating with friends and family, or playing Angry Birds. For more information on the new Samsung Plasma TVs, visit:


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