The Thing that Makes Samsung Dealers So Happy

Stores that can consistently offer appliances and electronics that deliver value, quality and high performance at everyday low prices are constantly busy with repeat and new customers who arrive knowing that they are going to find exactly what they want. This is why Samsung Dealers and their customers are so happy; and why not, with appliances and electronics that are loaded with next generation features that can turn televisions and refrigerators into communication hubs and allow wash and dry loads to be monitored and controlled via smart phone.

Here are just a few of the Samsung products that are making Samsung dealers and their customers very happy:

Samsung Plasma TVs – Samsung Plasma TVs have built their reputation on their lifelike high definition pictures and have now added interactive features that both enhance user experience and facilitate various other services such as web browsing, numerous app options, games, calendar/scheduling, etc. Samsung Plasma TVs can also be reconfigured and updated with new technologies as they are introduced in the next generation of upgrades. These televisions are also ENERGY STAR rated with energy savings that exceed requirements by approximately 26%.
Samsung refrigerators with LED screensSamsung’s web-connected refrigerators are engineered with a variety of apps that can suggest recipes, provide weather updates, stream music via Pandora, run a Twitter feed, and keep the family connected with scheduling, calendars, and notes. The refrigerators are also ENERGY STAR rated.
Samsung’s washers with LCD screens and remote capability – New technology in Samsung’s front load washer’s can shorten wash cycles by 15 minutes on average. These washers have also been engineered to be monitored and operated via an app on a smart phone so that owners don’t need to be home to check on or control their wash loads.
Samsung dryers with LCD screens and remote capabilitySamsung dryers feature moisture-sensing technology that assesses when items are dry and then shuts off the drying cycle. This reduces wear and tear on items in the dryer and less drying time saves energy as well. These dryers can be operated via the same type of smart phone app that enables remote control of the above-mentioned washers.

These new products are making both Samsung dealers and their customers very happy. For more information on the next generation of Samsung products, visit:


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