Why Electrolux Dealers are Excited About Induction Cooking

Electrolux dealers are excited about induction technology because it represents the next generation in cooking. Induction cooking employs high frequency electromagnets and sophisticated electronics to generate a magnetic field on the cooktop of a range. When a magnetic pot or pan is placed on top of the electromagnetic field, energy is transferred from the magnet to the pot/pan, which then heats the metal of the cookware. Heating of the cookware then cooks the food held inside. Increasing or decreasing the power of the magnetic field can then control the level of heat transferred into the cookware.

This dynamic presents many benefits including:

Induction cooking is more responsive than gas or electric because of the capability to instantaneous adjust the heating level. Water boils faster and heat can be reduced more quickly as well. In fact, water can be brought to a boil in 90 seconds.
• Induction cooking provides a more efficient transfer of energy than gas or electrical heating elements, which can save both time and energy.
• Being able to control heating with electromagnetic energy means that cooking temperatures can be set precisely.
• The cooktop stays cool – Because heat is transferred directly from the electromagnets to the cookware, the cooktop stays cool. This can reduce accidental burns and make cleaning easier.
• Flexibility – Sensors automatically detect magnetic cookware that is placed on the cooktop and then activate the induction field, which can be adjusted to any sized cookware.

One issue that could be seen as a disadvantage of induction cooking is that at present, the only cookware that can be used must be a metal, such as iron, that responds to a magnetic field. Non-ferrous cookware like aluminum simply does not work on induction cooktops. This issue is mitigated by the fact that most cookware lines have plenty of products that will work on induction cooktops. Additionally, as induction cooking gains popularity, expect even more cookware options to become available over time.

Electrolux dealers know that the many benefits of induction cooking, including precision temperature selection, rapid heating, and savings in time and energy make induction cooktops a solid choice for any kitchen. For more information, visit: http://eastcoastappliance.com/index.html


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